Selected Links

Below are my personal favorite Oded sites which I visit daily or weekly; you’re propably familiar with most of them if not all. I wanted also to list certain sites that I tend to forget that exist or never think to bookmark and rely on hunting down the URLs on various message boards… Most of those are old sites, that as far as I can see aren’t being updated anymore or very rarely.


» Oded Fehr Appreciation Site – A most comprehensive OF information site, with latest news, interviews and more.

Message Boards

» Weaver Of Dreams Message Board – Feedback board for stories posted on WOD, along with general Oded and OT discussion.

» The Realm Of Oded Fehr– Raven’s message board, with feedback and story forums. Part of her OF site. DISAPPEARED 4/2013


» Fans of Oded Fehr – a Facebook group created by some members of the WOD message board. All Oded fans welcome!

Fan Fiction Sites

» Weaver Of Dreams (WOD) – Accepts original stories, fan fiction, real-people-fiction and poetry. All ratings. Some of the best stories are available only here. Active message board (link above). A small gallery.

» Enchanted Visions :: Oded Fehr Fan Fiction Archive – Accepts only original stories, fan fiction, and poetry. All ratings. Part of this site and run by yours truly. Began life as Land Of Dreams under the guidance of Barbi and accepted only G-PG13 stories.

» The Realm Of Oded Fehr – Accepts original stories, fan fiction, real-people-fiction and poetry. Mostly R and NC-17 rated stories. Also some pics. BLANK PAGE 4/2013

» – Multifandom adult archive. Only R and NC-17 rated stories. Check out The Movies -> Mummy section.

» – Of course has its own section on pretty much all movies/tv shows OF has appeared in. If you’re looking adult fiction, you will propably be more successful looking someplace else.

Graphic Sites

» OFAS Requests – The ssdangel Collection is the only OF site I know of in addition to mine which has high quality photo scans. There are some HQ magazine scans & other goodies here.

» Wallpapers – Some pretty walls here, sadly I’ve no idea who made them 🙁 Don’t see a name anywhere. LOST WHEN GEOCITIES CLOSED.

» Indies Wallpapers – Nice walls here.

» Witchy 1 and Witchy 2 – Some nice fanarts, be sure to save picture (or view it) to see them full size.