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Problems Again

EDIT: I just discovered that Gertie has fixed the running out of space issue, and I’m again able to access databases. But it’s 1am here so now, so I’m going to leave finding out, and fixing, what damage we got until tomorrow.


I have had to temporarily disabled access to directory the forum is installed in – now when you try to go to you will get a 403 Forbidden error. It’s by purpose.

We’re having problems again, gallery and the forum – I’m not sure whether it’s because of normal server backups which Gertie runs every weekend, or maybe the same thing that caused the site to be suspended  a week ago. I just know that the forum seems to suffer very much from it; it was sending me e-mails with an error that means the partition/server is running out of space and that I need to turn the forum off until the space problem is fixed to avoid damaging the forum.

Except I can’t get to the forum admin to do it (database error), and when I tried do it in phpmyadmin (which is abnormally slow, t00), it doesn’t seem to take hold (at least it still appears as normal to me when I logout and it shouldn’t. There could be already some damage in the database caused by the running out of space, but I won’t know what’s happening with the forum until the database and running out of space issues has been fixed and I can get it to work again.

I’m going to wait and see if the problems fix themselves – as I said, Gertie runs backups of all sites on all servers on Saturdays and Sundays, and that’s a resource intensive process that can make sites behave weirdly during and then again be ok once is done. I doubt this is because of it, but you never know.