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Another Covert Affairs Appearance?

So according to some TVLine scoop, it does look like Oded will make an appearance on Covert Affairs this season after all, even though it’s being kept very hush hush. Which is bloody annoying. I already don’t like the show and all this playing around of will they or won’t they [bring Oded back] doesn’t endear it to me :/

Have you heard anything yet about Oded Fehr’s “secret” Covert Affairs return date? – Jo
A) It’s still a secret, because B) Eyal’s appearance is designed to catch you – as well as Annie – quite off guard. Teasing the encore, Piper Perabo told me, “Something happens, a door opens and it’s him — and when this door opens, you are not thinking about him at all. There is no reason he should even know where she is.” In fact, Perabo says she was slightly distracted when first reading that script, and thus was startled herself to see Eyal pop into frame! “It’s so shocking when he appears,” she reiterates. “For me to be reading one of the scripts and be so like, ‘W-w-what?’ is really fun.”