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The First

Oded Fehr will be appearing as Eitan Hafri on television series The First, a “fictional series to chronicle the effort to send the first manned mission to Mars.” The series premieres on September 14th on Hulu.

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We were closed down for a while because my host found some infected files in their server scans that were sending spam, and so needed to be cleaned out. But they have about 100 sites infected, so it took a couple of days for them to get the list of files to me. I didn’t see any strange code (and they did say there might be false positives) but I’ve deleted and replaced all listed files with fresh, clean ones, so we should be okay now!

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Added the following photos to the gallery:

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White Chamber Poster

I’ve added a poster for White Chamber, a movie Oded Fehr is working on, to the gallery:

The United Kingdom. Soon. Civil war rages. A woman wakes up in a blindingly white cuboid cell. Using its sophisticated functionality, her captor tortures her for information; information she claims not to have – or does she?



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New Ardeth Wallpaper

Added my new Ardeth wallpaper to the gallery 🙂 Click to see in full.