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Move Complete

We have moved to a new host. If you’re reading this, that means the DNS information has updated for you and you’re seeing the current site. You can proceed as normal 🙂

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New Host

We will be moving to a new host ASAP but it will take anywhere from a few days to maybe a week. There will be downtime – the domain name servers will need to be changed and it can take up to 72 hours for the new DNS information to propagate. Bear with us and we’ll be back as soon as possible!

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Hosting Disaster – My Host Is Shutting Down Hosting

I’m this close to crying. My host is shutting down its hosting service. Starting next Monday August 10, 2015 sites won’t be publicly available anymore. Private access to website owners is available until September 10, 2015 for backup and transfering purposes.

I suppose all good things come to an end, but still – I feel like crying. Another hosting disaster.

I’ll obviously transfer my most important sites to another host ASAP (,, first and then figure out what I do about the rest.

Several of my sites’ domain names are owned by and those domains I will lose (only the domain name, not the content). So either I shut down those sites or buy new domain names for them or open them in a subdomain of this domain. We’ll see. These are those sites: