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Media Site Mishap – Update

Restore’s a no-go. After the server re-install a little while ago, Gertie forgot to turn backups back on again. So there is no back up. Oh well, it’s all my own fault anyway – if I hadn’t forgot to make my own backups I wouldn’t have to face reuploading the vids now :/ I could just kick myself!

It’s going to take some more time – I’m taking this opportunity to buy a phpmotion FTP batch upload add-on that I love and have on couple of other sites of mine but been pushing off buying for this one. I already bought it  an hour ago but it usually takes phpmotion people 1-3 days to send me the lisence and it’s the weekend so it might take until next week until the vids get back up.

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Media Site Mishap

I was working on the media site today, deleting spam and accidentally emptied the database table which holds all the videos *headdesk* And looks like I don’t have a database backup of the media site 

I’ve asked for a restore so the vids will be back ASAP but it might take a day or so for them to get to my request.

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Gallery Works Again

Some files in the gallery got corrupted again, and have been replaced so the gallery is working again. Still trying to figure why it keeps happening.

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Hard Drive Failures On Three Servers – Sites Affected

Three servers are in early hard drive failure. Gertie has ordered Data Retention and all sites on affected servers will be moved to new hard drives ASAP, but because it’s three servers she isn’t sure how long it’ll take.

These sites of mine are on the affected servers:

According to Gertie, there will be no data loss but might be some downtime while the sites transfer.