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V (2009) Stills

I’ve uploaded stills from episodes 2.05 Concordia and 2.06 Siege of V (2009). Oded plays the character Eli Cohn for three episodes, starting with 2.05 Unholy Alliance on February 1, 2011.


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V Photo

We’re about to meet a much more radical faction of the Fifth Column on V, as Eli Cohn, referenced in the most recent episode, makes his debut in the fourth episode of Season 2.

A former Mossad agent, Cohn and his followers are willing to go to lengths Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) and her allies have not up until now, in order to stop the Visitors. IGN has your first look at Cohn, as played by Oded Fehr (The Mummy). Check out our exclusive image of Fehr and Elizabeth Mitchell, from the episode “Unholy Alliance,” airing February 1st on ABC.

Source: IGN