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I finally had the time to do the change on the Media Site that I’ve been planning for a while now – It was a big change, and the reason I did is that I discovered a way to having streaming media site and still be able to do the video clips myself so I can decide the output quality etc. (the script I used before re-encoded the video clips and although I did my best to get it put out decent quality files, I was never totally happy with it). The Media Site now uses WordPress as well (like this site) which also makes it a lot easier to update than the old script offered.

You can still download the video/audio clips – when you’re on the viewing pages, you’ll see bits like “Share and enjoy”, Related Posts and below that, Download URL.

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Law & Order: Los Angeles Screencaps

Screencaps of Oded guest-starring in the premiere episode 1.01 Hollywood of the new tv series Law & Order: Los Angeles are up! 😀