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2009’s “Missing in Action” Horror Checklist – Hybrid

(This is just the bit about Hybrid, you can read the full article here)

2009’s “Missing in Action” Horror Checklist

by Ryan Rotten.

hybridTHE STORY Neal Marshall Stevens (Thirteen Ghosts) takes vehicular terror in a new direction with what could best be described as H.R. Giger meets Christine. When members of a Chicago police department (Shannon Beckner and Resident Evil‘s Oded Fehr) impound a car they get more than they bargained for. Said “hell on wheels” is actually an organic being, a creature that has survived history transforming into various predators. For the modern age, it takes the guise of hot cars. Unfortunately, this thing doesn’t like being trapped in the department’s garage and it wants out. Crazy, right? Well here’s the proof this film exists – watch a promo trailer.

WHAT GIVES? Director Eric Valette shot the film in 2008 after the disastrous One Missed Called, perhaps in an effort to wash the bad taste out of his mouth. (Seriously, I’ll take a Giger-inspired pissed off Wacky Races car over Ed Burns chasing down a cell phone-hopping ghost any day.) At the beginning of this year, Voltage Pictures premiered a preview via their website.

So now what? Voltage is currently looking for a distributor. To be honest, theatrical sounds unlikely.

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