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Move complete!

Gertie of had moved us while I slept, and I’ve now finished making the necessary changes – most notably adding the ad code. This is required by – but I don’t mind them in this case because the revenue from ads goes directly to maintaining the servers and the sites they host rather than some nameless, faceless company that tries to make money on our content. Being hosted by them means I don’t have to pay out of my own pocket, and that we don’t have to worry about getting randomly deleted  flower2 because the host doesn’t like/understand the needs of a fansite, such as having lots of pictures or hosting video clips.

Everything should be up and working normally, if you find anything wrong, please let me know!

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Move info

I’m about done with rescuing the other cap sites from my host, and then I’ll send all the info they’ll need to try and move us to their servers. The move will happen as soon as I they can do it, propably sometime today or tomorrow.

DNS will need to be changed, so the site will be unaccessible to you up to 24-48 hours while the new DNS propagates.

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We are moving again!

As some you may have noticed, my account was suspended yesterday. Apparently I have too many multimedia files on my account (by which they simply mean jpgs – I don’t have videos). I’m welcome to keep hosting this site ( and all related to it, plus my smaller sites) if I want to but big sites like Xena, Star Trek and Stargate must go. So I’m keeping this site on there for now, while trying to decide what to do with those 3.

Yesterday I applied and was approved to have hosted by, which is a network owned and run by fansite owners for fansite owners. My Jeri Ryan site has been there since January (the last host problem), and I’ve been very happy there. So I’m happy to move this site there as  well 😀

Gertie is going to see if she can do the cpanel transfer thing, which would mean the transfer goes faster and without input from me. If it’s not possible, I’ll have to reupload everything. So if everything looks messy and weird, that’s the reason.

DNS will need to be changed too, so the site will be unaccessible to you 24-48 hours while the new DNS propagates.