My name is Ariane, and I have been a fan of Oded Fehr since 1999. Ardeth Bay (The Mummy/The Mummy Returns), Antoine Laconte (Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo) and Eyal Lavine (Convert Affairs) are my favorite Oded characters. I enjoy making wallpapers and icons featuring Oded Fehr or his characters. I’ve also written some fan fiction.


I first noticed Oded Fehr in the movie The Mummy, where he played my favorite Mummy character Ardeth Bay. Being very much into Star Trek and Dark Skies at the time, I however promptly forgot all about Ardeth, Oded and The Mummy except occasionally reading some fanfic. It wasn’t until the 2001 sequel, The Mummy Returns, came to movie threatres, that I crossed from being a casual fan to fannish fan – which to me means, “I need to make a fansite!”.

I started a picture fansite for Oded Fehr that same year, and maintained it on various free webhosts for a couple of years. The main content of the site was my photo & magazine scans, and my wallpapers featuring Oded Fehr or one of his characters.

Then, in 2003 I think, I adopted one of the two well-known Oded Fehr fan fiction websites, Land Of Dreams, when the original owner couldn’t keep it anymore. I purchased my very first domain at that time,, and the Oded Fehr image fansite resided there in a subdomain for two years. Then I bought my second personal domain in 2005, (which I still operate) and moved the site to a subdomain at that domain. In 2008, I finally bought the domain this site is still housed on today.

In February 2008, I adopted the other well-known Oded Fehr fanfiction website, Weaver Of Dreams, including its forum/message board (and yes, I kinda feel like I’m the Borg! LOL), and those are now active right here on the site. I had to decide on whether to keep both fan fiction sites active, Land Of Dreams and Weaver Of Dreams. I decided to retire Land Of Dreams because it was a lot quieter than Weaver Of Dreams and it wasn’t really a good idea to run two archives especially because number of submissions had declined a lot from its heyday, so I put Land Of Dreams into archive mode – it is still available to read stories on, but new stories are posted only to Weaver Of Dreams.

Until now, I had been doing the main site by hand-coding html/php pages. But I’d been falling in love with WordPress for a while, and finally in March 2008 I converted the entire site to use WordPress and Coppermine for the gallery and turned it into to a full-blown fansite, with news and all and not just images.

I run this site alone, but Dawn and Mommints help out as moderators on the forum. And the fans there are fabulous about posting any and all new Oded info they find, and I try to get all of those posted up on the main site too.

Scripts this site uses: WordPress (main site), Coppermine (gallery), SMF (forum), eFiction (fan fiction archives), WordPress (videos) and Affiliationally (affiliates).