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As you can see, we have a new look here on the main site. I quite like it, I hope you like it too! 🙂

I have also gone through the pages here, and removed some old ones (mailing lists, webrings) because they were history now. Also added a Contact Form, and a page about the site history.

3 Responses to “New Look!”
  1. Caroll says:

    Ooooooh!!! This may be your best design ever! Thanks for the continuing eye candy!

  2. Linda says:

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the new look. What a great job you’ve done!!! Very impresive.

  3. Ariane says:

    Can’t take the credit for the design, except for dropping Oded in there and some coding fixing. Wish I could! The base is a one of the free themes offered to fan-sites.org hostees 😀

    I’m glad you like it! 😀