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I’ve read (or at least browsed through to see if a story is something I would like) pretty much all Mummy/Ardeth Bay fics there are, and a good number of fics featuring other characters OF has portrayed. I’ll be listing some of my favorites here. They are in no particular order of preference.

First of all, I’ve added all the Mummy stories to Fanfiction.net C2 that are hosted there and I found memorable in one way or another. I guess most of them revolve around Ardeth Bay, but there are some ensemble pieces as well as stories focusing on another characters included. Here is the URL to that C2: Outstanging Mummy Stories I still update it whenever necessary.

Then, below are stories not hosted on fanfiction.net:

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

  • Come Again?
    by Suzette
    R for m/f sex Status of this story: Complete

SuThe Mummy & The Mummy Returns

  • The Tomb Of Seth
    by Suzette
    Summary: Human journeys do not begin and end in singularly identifiable events, like a stage play, with neatly divided, structured acts leading to tidy conclusions. Instead, they flow like rivers, existing both before and after the events used to define human life. Is it as if people wade into the water, into the liquid flow of time, and melt away into it, becoming at once part of the river and of everyone and everything else within the current.Rating: R for m/f sex, violence
    Series: 1st story in a series of ?. Sequel is The Gates Of Wisdom.
    Status of this story: Complete.
  • The Gates Of Wisdom (sequel to The Tomb Of Seth)
    By Suzette
    Summary: The Medjai stand at a crossroad. Large reserves of petroleum have been found under the sand of Medjai land and there is disagreement in how to utilize it. One group has seized control of the Council of Elders and seeks to force the Twelve Tribes into an alliance with outsiders who desire the oil for their own purposes. Another group desires to consolidate the tribes under one leader, whom they would ultimately control. Ardeth Bay is at the center of this conflict: both factions seek to use him for their own ends. Old enemies: those who murdered Ardeth’s father Kasim Bay, are aligned with the first group, while old friends are among the second group. Integral to both groups’ plots is the marriage of Ardeth to a second wife.Rating: NC-17 for m/f sex, violence
    Series: 2nd story in a series of ?
    Status of this story: Complete
  • No Certain Victory
    by Kamira
    Summary: When Germany sends troops to invade Egypt, the Medjai find themselves with a new enemy, and a few surprising allies in the battle. The first story of a four-story arc.My word: This is perhaps my favorite among the Mummy sagas. An excellent story, very involved and intricate about the old gods of Egypt, the Germans invading the desert and the O’Connells, the Medjai and Imhotep having to form un unwilling alliance for the sake of Egypt. Excellent characterizations and descriptions – I can see and hear all of it in my mind like it is a movie. It also features slash, so it might not be your cup of tea although it isn’t the end all, be all, and makes sense within the events taking place. It’s more about love, honor and faith. One of the handful of stories I can “see” on the silver screen of my mind, and would love the have it become reality.

    Rating: NC-17 for m/f and m/m sex, violence
    Series: 1st story of a four-story arc.
    Status of this story: Complete.