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Here is the fan fiction I’ve written about some of the characters OF has played. Be warned that these are all adult in nature.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

The Business Of Pleasure
Giulietta Visconti is in dire need of Antoine Laconte’s services.
Rating: R for m/f sex
Finish date: March 20, 2004
My first venture out of Ardeth land; I’m happy with this one.


The Mummy & The Mummy Returns

Ardeth & Angelina Series

This series is my pet, and I’ll continue to add installments as long as they come to me. I’m currently working on #4 (sequel to By Morning Light). I tend to write things out of (chronological) order, writing whatever scene/situation grabs my interest at the moment. Very evident if you look at the finish dates of these.

# 1 Desire 
Rating: R for m/f sex
Finish date: September, 2002
This is the 2nd story I wrote.

# 2 Behind Closed Doors

Rating: R for m/f sex
Finish date: March, 2002
Curiously, this was the first one I wrote. It was the very first erotica I’ve ever written.

# 3 By Morning Light

Rating: R for m/f sex
Finish date: September 16, 2003

The latest addition.

#? Sanctuary

Rating: R for m/f sex
Finish date: May 21, 2003
This is the first installment in the series that takes place after The Mummy Returns. I haven’t given it a number because I’m likely to write one or more story yet that takes place before TMR.


Rubicon Of Blood
How far can the desire for revenge take a woman?
Rating: NC-17 for attempted rape and forced sexual acts.
Codes: m/f, m/f/f. Others will be added in future posts as necessary
Author notes: This is something I’ve been working on for a long time now. It’s definitely a darker portrayal of Ardeth than we’re used to seeing, and there are sensitive themes some readers might not wish to read. Pay attention to rating and codes. A complete departure from my usual Ardeth & Angelina universe.