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My host’s partner, Hollywood.com, activated today the Hollywood Bar on all fan-sites.org sites without Gertie’s OK on the Bar design and in the process messed up the layouts of all the sites.

It’s been looked at now, and will be fixed ASAP but until then the Hollywood Bar messes up the layouts of the sites more or less, depending on the design.



I’ve uploaded the following 6 photos from Prey: The Light In The Dark filming.

thumb_Prey_BehindTheScenes_0001.jpg thumb_Prey_BehindTheScenes_0002.jpg thumb_Prey_BehindTheScenes_0004.jpg thumb_Prey_BehindTheScenes_0003.jpg thumb_Prey_BehindTheScenes_0005.jpg thumb_Prey_BehindTheScenes_0006.jpg