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I’m going on a hiatus for 1-2 weeks, due to personal, health-related reasons. During that time, I’ll deal with any server issues and problems and script updates as normal should there be any, but all other things will be on hold.



I found HQ photos of Oded Fehr attending the InescapableĀ Premiere back in September, and Lina Bruni has shared her For The Love Love Of Money – Special Features screencaps with us šŸ™‚

thumb_InescapablePremiereSeptember112012_0001.jpg thumb_InescapablePremiereSeptember112012_0006.jpg thumb_InescapablePremiereSeptember112012_0002.jpg thumb_ForTheLoveOfMoney_SpecialFeatures_LinaBruni_0036.jpgthumb_ForTheLoveOfMoney_SpecialFeatures_LinaBruni_0008.jpg