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Screencaps of Oded Fehr’s only scene in Jane By Design episode 1.03 The Birkin are up!

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A wonderful interview, but beware spoilers for Resident Evil: Retribution.

Oded Fehr RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION Set Visit Interview
by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

If you saw Resident Evil: Extinction, you’re probably wondering how Oded Fehr is returning as the character Carlos Olivera in Resident Evil: Retribution.  It’s an easy answer: cloning.  However, before you start to think that his character is going to be a good guy that teams up with Alice (Milla Jovovich) to kick some Umbrella ass, it’s not that straight forward of an answer.  As Olivera told a group of visiting online reporters last month on set:

“The interesting thing is, I come back as two different guys on this one. There’s a dynamic to the relationship with Milla’s character, and then there’s the other side. He’s working for the Umbrella again.”

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I’ve uploaded photos of Oded in Covert Affairs episodes 1.04 No Quarter and 2.13 A Girl Like This. The 1.04 No Quarter photos are HQ.

thumb_CovertAffairs_Stills_1x04_NoQuarter_0001.jpg thumb_CovertAffairs_Stills_1x04_NoQuarter_0002.jpg thumb_CovertAffairs_Stills_1x04_NoQuarter_0003.jpg thumb_CovertAffairs_Stills_1x04_NoQuarter_0004.jpg thumb_CovertAffairs_Stills_1x04_NoQuarter_0005.jpg thumb_CovertAffairs_Stills_1x04_NoQuarter_0006.jpg  Read the rest of this entry »