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WOD fan fiction has been updated with two new chapters! http://fanfiction.oded-fehr.net/index.php



HDTV screencaps of Oded in Covert Affairs episode 2.02 Good Advices are up! And I also realized that I never uploaded the V 2.05 Concordia screencaps which I prepared back in March… *head-desk* So they are up now too!

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thumb_ariane179254_CovertAffairs_2x02_GoodAdvices_0006.jpg thumb_ariane179254_CovertAffairs_2x02_GoodAdvices_0130.jpg thumb_ariane179254_CovertAffairs_2x02_GoodAdvices_0308.jpg thumb_ariane179254_CovertAffairs_2x02_GoodAdvices_0462.jpg thumb_ariane179254_CovertAffairs_2x02_GoodAdvices_0469.jpg thumb_ariane179254_CovertAffairs_2x02_GoodAdvices_0616.jpg thumb_ariane179254_CovertAffairs_2x02_GoodAdvices_0663.jpg thumb_ariane179254_CovertAffairs_2x02_GoodAdvices_0691.jpg

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thumb_ariane179254_V_2009_2x05_Concordia_0024.jpg thumb_ariane179254_V_2009_2x05_Concordia_0049.jpg thumb_ariane179254_V_2009_2x05_Concordia_0096.jpg thumb_ariane179254_V_2009_2x05_Concordia_0115.jpg thumb_ariane179254_V_2009_2x05_Concordia_0138.jpg thumb_ariane179254_V_2009_2x05_Concordia_0189.jpg



Video clips of Oded in Covert Affairs episode 2.02 Good Advices are up!

View/Download all: http://media.oded-fehr.net/video-downloads/?category=4



Looks like Oded will be in at least one more episode of Covert Affairs this season!  Yay!  😀

If you’re like me, you enjoy the dynamic between CIA coworkers Annie and Auggie, sure. But there’s no denying that Agent Walker also “sparks” with Mossad rival Eyal Lavin as well. In fact very much so, as we saw in this season’s second episode. Can fans of Oded Fehr’s spook hope for an encore? The following answer is For Your Eyes Only: “We have at least one more [appearance] planned for him this season,” series cocreator Matt Corman tells TVLine. Why is it that Fehr connects with viewers so? “He brings a real energy and asserting authenticity to the role, because he himself was in the Israeli Navy,” offers Corman. “He has some understanding — at least at a very baseline level — about what it means to be in dangerous situations.”

Source: http://www.tvline.com/2011/06/matts-inside-line-scoop-good-wife-fringe-vampire-diaries/



As you can see, we have a new look up here at Enchanted Visions 🙂 I hope you like it!

Caps and clips of Oded guest-starring in Covert Affairs 2.02 Good Advices are coming today or tomorrow – working on them right now!


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