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I finally had some time to start going through the oded-fehr.de gallery cd that BlackB sent me, and I uploaded a lot of pics. I suppose it’s easier for you to just start going through the Last Uploads pages ’cause nearly all albums have been updated with new pics. I had to delete and then reupload Sleeper Cell and Razor albums to make sure as few duplicates as possible got through, but even those albums have new pics – especially some new HQ Razor scans (these are the ones without the white “Razor” text and info on them). All new section is Magazine Scans in the Photoshoots section, and this one also now some HQ scans of oldies but goodies.

Thumbnail of one of the new HQ scans links you to the Last Uploads page below:



Mr. Fehr has been cast as a “larger-than-life and overbearing artistic director” in “Limelight” pilot. “Limelight” is a soap about the teachers and the students at a New York performing-arts academy. (Source)


Caps from a Drool trailer are up!


The gallery is closed for about half an hour while I upgrade it.

EDIT: the gallery is open again.