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I’ve uploaded 6 video clips of Oded Fehr’s scenes to the Media Site here – you can watch as well as download all 6 clips there.

I’ve uploaded screencaps of Oded Fehr in the Covert Affairs episode 5.11 Trigger Cut to the gallery:

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Added 4 episode stills from Oded Fehr’s next appearance on Covert Affairs, in the episode 5.11 Trigger Cut, to the gallery:


I’ve added screencaps of Oded Fehr from Covert Affairs 5.04 Silence Kit to the gallery.

Gallery: Home > Screencaps > TV Shows > Covert Affairs > 5.04 Silence Kit

Oded Fehr has been cast as Ra’s al Ghul for season 3 of Arrow, and he will be back as Eyal Lavin on the July 15th episode of Covert Affairs.

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Oded Fehr (The Mummy franchise) has landed a series regular role in ABC’s Richard LaGravenese drama pilot. In the vein of Dangerous Liaisons, the untitled project is set in New York and revolves around the love and rivalry between two equally matched, powerful socialites, Philip Fitzgerald Julien (Rufus Sewell) and Margot Worth Cole, who play out their obsessive attraction and seduction of each other through their manipulation of others. Fehr, repped by Paradigm and ADD Agency, will play Anderson Cole, Margot’s ex-husband and one of the Forbes 500 whose power has resulted in expanding a multimillion-dollar company into a multibillion-dollar corporation. Anderson has fooled three beautiful women into marrying him and is working on Trophy No. 4. Fehr previously starred in the Resident Evil franchise and Showtime’s Sleeper Cell and will next be seen in For The Love Of Money.

SOURCE: Deadline

I got back from the hospital a few hours ago :D I can’t tell you how weird it is writing this with my laptop, the screen feels huge after 8 days of accessing online world though a smart phone. That device is just fabulous, but computer is always a computer ;)

Anyway, I’m home. Don’t expect any updates anywhere until propably after the weekend at the earliest, and then still I’ll be updating only as long as I feel I’m not overexerting myself. I’m still very much recovering and got a month of sick leave for now, blood tests etc. once a week until I hear otherwise. And I just want to catch my breath for a few days and catch up on everything I’ve missed :)